Humla at dogshouse perfect P1750627

My thoughts about breeding

Bod Khyi strives to breed phenotypically (visually) similar but genotypically different dogs in order to broaden the genetic variation and still remain the breed's psyche and exterior.

Bod Khyi wants to use only females with good mentality who has shown to be good family dogs.

Bod Khyi does not breed a female until she is closer to 3 years old. The breed matures late and at that time the bitch (and her siblings) have had time to show their more longterm health and quality.

Bod Khyi informs puppybuyers of all known lacks, faults and diseas history in dogs used in breeding and their anchesters and relatives as far as info is available.

Bod Khyi informs the owners of the stud-male of a litter about a litters progress, health and evaluation over time.

Bod Khyi does not breed the same bitch more than twice in order to not restrict the breed's gene pool. Due to same reasons a male is only used twice in the kennels own breeding program. 

Bod Khyi does not repeat a parental combination since it would restrict the breed's gene pool. Still I have, out of certain reasons, done that once. Ask me if you want to know more.

Bod Khyi follow The Swedish Kennel Club´s rules and breeding recommendations.  

Bod Khyi strives for an active  and open cooperation with breeders in Sweden as well as abroad.