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Buying a puppy from Kennel Bod Khyi

Demands on puppybuyers

To me it is of uttermost importance that the puppies comes to good homes with understanding for and solid interest in the breed. If possible I want to meet you and see your encounter and way of dealing with my grown up TM. At this opportunity I would love to take you for a walk to show you how the breed reacts upon things around. Both you and me should get a gut feeling of that this is just right!

I want a puppy buyer to:
- live in a place that suits a TM

- live a life that suits a TM
- have a lot of knowledge about the breed
- be strong, stubborn (in a positive way), patient and clever enough to show a more than 1000 year old Tibetan soul respect in soft combination with a firm hand, big laugh an no prestigue.
- keep contact with the kennel in a long time perspective   in both good times and bad times.

It is an extra plus if you already have experience of the breed and/or knows a TM breeder or owner who can give you recommendations.

A puppybuyer can count on Bod Khyi

  • The puppy is delivered in accordance with SKK requirements and recommendations.
  • The puppy is checked by a veterinarian, chipped and vaccinated prior to delivery.
  • The puppy has a necklace  of his own and a piece of a blanket that smells like home
  • Your puppy delivers with eating instructions.
  • When x-rays of hips are done and registered in Swedish or Finish kennelclubs databse. A refund of maximum 1000 SEK will be made if reciept is posted to me. This offer is valid from the day the dog is 12 months old until its 3:rd birthday and only for dogs sold to Finland, Norway and Sweden since these countries have open databases.
  • Bod Khyi will pay for the enterfee for mental test in Sweden arranged by svenska brukdshundklubben for the puppy from 1,5 year of age.
  • Assistance and support is provided in small and large issues both over the phone and by email.
  • The puppies are insured in Agria when they grow up at the kennel. As a breeder, I have an insurance for hidden faults that in some cases could cover sickness that could not have been observed (but still was hidden in the dog) at the vet test before delivery. Rules about this are pretty firm. It is not valid for ex, bite faults, hips and elbows defects..but for some heart faults for example. Wheater this is vaild for overseas buyers is a guestion we have to check from time to time with the insurance company and SKK.
  • All puppies are sold as pets. That is I take no extra charge for a well constructed puppy that might be a future star or stallion. It is difficult to make such promises when a puppy is only few weeks old. Same prize for all puppies.
  •  If any sicknesses occurs in any of the puppies in the litter during they growing up, and if I get informed of it. I always contact all puppybuyers of the litter so that all kan be observant on similar symptoms. 
  • For foreign buyers: additional expenses related to exports, for example, additional veterinary interventions, supplemental immunization, costs for travelling cage, transportation cost, etc.. paid by the buyer.

It is not a right to buy a puppy from Bod Khyi


Did we not accept you as puppybuyer ? It might be out of reaons such as:


  • Maybe you work too much and therefore can not care for a TM in the way I think it´s good for a TM.
  • Maybe you do not have the daily dogcare organized in a way that I think is good for a Tibetan Mastiff.
  • Maybe you may live in such a way that TMs guardian instincts can not develop in a good way.
  • You maybe expressed the wrong expectations on the breed-
  • You maybe did not shown enough interest in the breed and its peculiarities
  • You may have a way to meet TM that I have concerns for how the leadership will be developed in future-
  • You may have a family situation that can complicate ownership TM
  • Or you never came to visit with us at the kennel and had no TM owners nor breeders who could recommend you as a puppy buyer.

    I might not be correct in my concerns but as a breeder, I have the right to plan for the best of the puppies  and select buyers. that is a right I use. Puppies from Kennel Bod Khyi have so far come to very good TM homes. That is something we are proud off!

Fick du inte köpa valp kan det bero på att:

  • Du kanske jobbar för mycket och inte har hundtillsynet  ordnad på ett sätt som jag tycker är bra för en tibetansk mastiff.
  • Du kanske bor på ett sånt vis att en TMs vaktinstinkter inte får utlopp.
  • Du kanske uttrycker fel förväntningar på rasen och inte visat nog intresse för rasen och dess egenheter
  • Du kanske har ett sätt att möta TM att jag känner oro för på vilket sätt ledarskapet kommer att utvecklas
  • Du kanske har en familjesituation som kan komplicera ett TM ägande
  • Eller  så kom du aldrig och hälsade på hos oss på kenneln och hade inte heller  någon TM ägare som kunde rekommendera dig som valpköpare



Jag kanske inte har rätt i mina farhågor men som uppfödare har jag rätt att bevaka valparnas bästa genom att välja köpare. Den rätten utnyttjar jag. Kennel Bod Khyis valpar har hamnat i mycket bra TM händer. Det är något vi är stolta över.