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Bod Khyi Skarma Aquila

Bod Khyi puppies

Bod Khyi Dom Nanook
Bod Khyi Skarma Polaris

Puppies are adorable! Fleecy, cute, biting and loving. Easy to love. But within a few months this cute little creature has developed from a 500 gram puppy into a huge dog who needs both guidance and love to be a good companion. If you are careless during this journey the positive expectations you had will turn into negative experiences. You must be prepared for buying a puppy but even more prepared for a life with an adult Tibetan Mastiff. You get nothing for free. Early and careful socialization and and firm frames is what is needed. You have to dare to ask questions to those who have experience and you must have patience. Then it will be positive to share life with fifty to sixty kilo Tibetan Mastiff.