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Articles about the breed

Tracing the Tibetan Mastiff in written sources is fun but not very easy. The oldes information is embedded in travellers stories about Tibet or Himalayas, in old researchers reports and also in old articles. Now and then new texts appears. On this page I will link to interesting sources and how trustworthy each source is I can not judge. Read and get your own idea of the dog we call Tibetan Mastiff. Just click on the picures and a pdf-file will be opened.

Colour genetics in TM by C.Radcliffe


In Modern Molosser breeder R. Eichhorn writes about the breed

We publish the article after permission given by the author. Click on the picture an the article will open as pdf -file.

At the Finish TM clubs wepage, Jay Sing published this article about TM.

From Jay Sings breeding came Tubo

A Chineese TM publisher asked for Bod Khyi to write an article in their book. And we did.

The perspective we wrote from was - A Swedes life with and love for Tibetan Mastiff.

The author and her dogs

Finish breeder Paula Kangasaalo - an articleby S.Ojala in Swedish TMK clubmagazine

In Rangelands5(4), August 1983, Don Messerschmidt wrote about the TM


Don Messerschmidt is soon (2010) to publish a book about the big breeds in Himalayas on Orchid Press, Bankok.

From The American Kennelclub Gazette 1937. Written by mrs. E. Bailey